Hardware advice

Hi All,

I am looking for hardware advice for my project with the following criteria.

  • off the shelf hardware that I can program in C
  • no soldering required
  • usb drive form factor
  • when plugged into a computer, will present itself as a flash drive…however…
  • when plugged in, the device will perform calculations involving secure random numbers
  • output of the operation will be presented as a pdf file
  • from the perspective of the host computer, the flash drive is readonly
  • on ejecting the device, the pdf file is discarded

I can code but I am not familiar with hardware and the associated IDE. Advice on both would be very much appreciated.


Hi Vi,

This appears to be a series of technical, rather than functional requirements. When you say calculations involving secure random numbers, what data exactly are you referring to? Also, what’s the idea and application of this project? And why use C for it specifically? It’s a little difficult to come up with potential concepts for ways to set this up without that info.


Hi Vi,

The first processor that springs to mind would be the STM32.

It might be worth getting your hands on a board to see what it is capable of.

Note you have to flash programs to the board.