Hardware requirements

I want to start using metal filled filaments and I want to know what nozzle sizes I require for a V3 dualextruder fitted to a Taz6.
I’m looking at doing copper and steel filled filaments

Hi Troy,

If you want to print with metal filaments, Lulzbot recommends using a .5mm tool-head.

Hi Stephen,

So the current v3 dual extruder nozzles should suffice and if so do you carry replacements or do you sell the appropriate tool head?

Hi Troy,

Yes, according to Lulzbot you just need a .5mm nozzle tool-head. We do sell replacements and .5mm nozzles:

Thanks for the info Stephen, are you able to send your SKU # for 0.5 dual extruder nozzles?

It also looks like the hot end kit is for a single extruder set up?

Hi Troy,

This is the hot end kit for all Lulzbot toolheads. If you have the Dual extruder you will need two if you want to replace both heads.