The MOARstruder is here!

We're happy to announce a new addition to our Lulzbot 3D printer tool head range, the MOARstruder. Usually, the name of the tool head is pretty indicative of exactly what it's purpose is, but what do Aleph Objects (Lulzbot) mean by MOAR?

Well, actually they mean exactly that! Instead of going into finer detail with tinier and tinier nozzles to get even more detailed prints. Lulzbot decided to design an extruder that goes in the other direction, designing a tool head that can just pump (yes, PUMP) prints out, super quick. 

Check out the promotional video by Lulzbot!

With a 1.2mm Nozzle, this tool head is simply awesome at producing bigger prints, faster. Most of the technology is the same, with the standard tool head design from Lulzbot being quite effective at printing, the big change is in the hot end. The new hot end is a lot bigger, designed to heat a lot more filament for extrusion resulting in some big, juicy layer heights.

We will have our installation guide and review up in the coming days, so stay posted if you want to see how it prints!

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Wooooo! Such a rad piece of gear @Aidan

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