Hello World! First Python Script

I’ve just put together a new tutorial “Hello World! First Python Script

This tutorial will teach you exactly how to make your first Python script. This script will instruct our computing device to announce in five different ways ‘Hello World!’. This will demonstrate some of the capacities of the print command. Python is a powerhouse programming language capable of supporting you throughout all your programming adventures. Making exciting and unique code is just flashes of comprehension away.

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Nice work Tim, good tute.

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I have Python Python3.9.0 shell. can I use this. If I want to put the code in for Hello World, do I copy all the lettering(everything in Red) as well. I am like a baby at this and need all the help I can get, Regards Brenda

Hi Tim, it is telling me Failed-server problem. Might try this again tomorrow.

Heyya Brenda,

Just downloaded the newest Python (Version 3.9.1) to give it a test exactly like you are copying and pasting everything (including the red). Once I saved the program then clicked on the run button at the top and selected run module it worked out okay for me.

Hope this helps, if you run into any other issues keep me updated and I’ll help you through :slight_smile:

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