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Tim just shared a new tutorial: "Python Workshop for Beginners"

Welcome to the Python Workshop, where you will learn everything you need to hit the ground running with the worlds most popular programming language Python. My name is Tim and am a passionate maker and cherish free exchange of knowledge. I have attem…

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Such an incredible resource - i cant wait to get into this over the holiday period. I have been wading through a few of the other python training courses online (Including some free android apps that teach the very basics) and this course that you have put together looks well rounded indeed.

A suggestion for the future - i would love to see a python course + hardware package. As a new learner one of the most rewarding things is learning a new programming language with actual hardware in your hand and watching the results live.

An example might be: A paid online learning course (Via moodle or similar) and a kit of python compatible hardware that matched the course curriculum.

I would happy shell out $200- $300 for this course and some entry level hardware and sensors.


Glad your keen to dive in :slight_smile: I’ve tried to make it as accessible and authentic as possible. And an excellent idea mate, some of the later codes that you can create following this workshop dive into pulling live weather data from sensors and utilising it in code.

But I definitely agree. It is immensely rewarding to type code into a computer and then see the effects of it occurring in your hands in the real world. Breaking down that barrier between digital and physical is the best. Michael did a brilliant Raspberry Pi Workshop which breaks this wall throughout. Sam also did an amazing Arduino Workshop which absoultely shreds the wall as well.


Hey, sorry for moving up an old one - do you guys think the Python Workshop book is worth reading? Got a recommendation but still hesitating…

UPD. here is the cover

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Hi All,

The attachments for our Python Course are available as a download by clicking on this link.


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