Help/Advice - Sunscreen detection UV Camera

We have a student who is looking to make a sunscreen detecting mirror with the purpose of identifying where sunscreen is/is not applied on a persons face.

She has found a product available however I am finding difficulty in locating a (UV detection) camera we could integrate with Arduino. UV Sunscreen Compact Mirror Review. Fenchilin. Native, Skin Aqua, SunBum SPF test under UV Light. - YouTube

I have some experience with Raspberry, though again, locating a camera is the issue.

Im researching if an IR camera (or low light RGB camera), would produce the results we are after. Ive considered the OV7670, though I believe this is way too big.

Size: We need the camera and board to be a slim as possible (<15mm)
Power: 3-5V (battery)
OS: Arduino or Pi

Any advice would be most welcomed.

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Hi Shannon,

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A lot of the cameras we stock will handle visible light and InfraRed light, but most will filter UV.
An IR camera would be viewing light at the other end of the visible light spectrum so will look quite different from the video you linked.
Viewing through an IR camera, or low-light camera will give a different result.

These two videos I’ve found show how a UV-only camera appears.

We do stock a range of UV sensors, but they are typically measuring the UV intensity at a point, rather than a map o UV intensity light you would have from a camera image.


Thanks for your reply Trent.

I may just have to pull apart an old mobile phone to tinker with the camera. I believe the cameras in these have a UV blocking lens which hopefully I can remove.
While I can buy a UV camera, their size is generally too big for our application.

The quest goes on.

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Hi Shannon,

I have been looking into your project idea and came across an interesting blog post that may help you.

Hope this helps.