Camera for 24/7 footage

Hi! I am new here! I really hope I am posting to the right place.

I am developing RaspberryPi based program that will record some footage in my father’s company. It consist of raspberry pi and camera. I am wondering which camera should I be using? I was trying some webcams and it was ok, but then I did a little research and found camera modules for microcomputers and wanted to try that out. I am considering Arducam HQ Camera Module with 6mm CS Lens and Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera with Infrared Sensitivity but any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Aleksa,

Welcome to the forum!

If you are working with a Pi, I suggest sticking to the official modules.

If this needs to record footage at night, you may need some infrared lighting and the NoIR version, but otherwise the regular V2, V3 or HQ camera modules should serve you well.

Did you have any specific behaviour in mind? i.e. does it need to focus on close and far objects? does it need to see a wide or narrow FoV? Keen to hear more about where you’re going with this project!

Hi @James ,

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and for you answer!

We’ve got a little company and he wanted to include some security system and as a recent graduate of Computer Science I wanted to help out, even though he could buy predefined solution, he always supports me with my little projects :sweat_smile: So, I’ve developed a software that has some AI features (recognizing people approaching the gate mostly and capturing some frames if events defined by app occur). I’ve realized that I do actually need some infrared lightning and NoIR version, so I will be searching for that. I need focus on some close objects (I’ve defined threshold what is close object :slight_smile: ), so I would say narrow FoV is good for me. I will point the camera to the gate entrance which is only one so I will do the rest logic from the app. I’ve come up with another conclusion recently and that is that I need to provide it to be impervious to water as our gate is outside.

I’ve been using some webcams so far as I am testing app and logic but I decided to buy one cam soon and to try testing it outside as well, hope it goes well :face_in_clouds:

In my country I can buy following with NoIR versions:
The infrared Camera Module v2 (Pi NoIR)
Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR – Sony IMX708, 4608 × 2592 pixels, autofocus
Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 Wide NoIR – Sony IMX708, 4608 × 2592 pixels, 120 degrees Diagonal FOV, autofocus

Do you maybe have some recommendation among these 3?
They are not waterproof, but I might achieve it with some case.

Thanks again, man, appreciate the help!