Help needed to find mosfets

Hi all, I have an LG 60PZ950 TV that I need to replace 4 mosfets but are two different types, they have on the mosfets:




they are 3 legged and the body is 16mm high x 10mm length x 5mm deep & 3mm deep at hole. I looked for information and datasheets but I could not find any as I dont have a lot of experience looking for components but FGPF4633 in google brings up results that I dont know if match the first line of numbers.

Are you sure this is a MOSFET and not a IGBT? (Insulated gate bipolar transistor)

I think the 1B25BL is a mostfet as I have two more that are working and I can get a reading from my multi meter in diod test mode from the drain and source after I apply a voltage to the gate and I can clear the drain and source when I short the gate and drain but the faulty one above just gets a 0.002 reading from any leg and its the same for the three 1B25BV I have plus all the mosfets on the board start with a “Q” and then a number and the two types I need replacing all start with a “Q” and a number, just out of curiosity I will lookup how to test an IGBT to see if the 1B25BV’s are IGBT’s.

I should say that Im not very electronics savvy but for the good working 1B25BL I have I can zero out voltage with either gate and drain, and gate and source I dont know if this is ok or not and I dont know if this is a mosfet or an IGBT

you will find them on the web for sale if you browse for this …this is what i believe the part to be… FGPF4633 330V PDP IGBT TO-220

the bv and bl may just be revisions .or batch codes… or even weather they are p type or n type…use your browser…are they in the power supply of the t.v or which part of the t.v…are they from this would help…if they are in the power supply switch mode in the front end of it

I agree with you @Brian86770.

But it is an IGBT. Once produced by Fairchild Semiconductors. The item is no longer in production, and the discontinuation notice does not give an equivalent component.

Thank you very much Robin57159 and Brian86770 that information really helps narrow down everything and where to try buying them I would shout you a beer or bourbon in an instant, this is the video I watched to fault find the TV and my board is located the same in the video that is at the top right and has the same three heat sinks. I didnt know how to test the components while in the board so I removed all of them with the heat sinks and googled/youtubed how to test mosfets as this came up from another post in a forum as the solution, the owner I got the TV from said it had a solder repair in the past and the technician said it could/would happen again but as in the video I also soldered extra where the three coils are as these had dry joints on my board too as I bet this was what the solder job was in the past.

the most common fault and what you should look for first in all facets of eletronic servie is …poor solder joints…check the components that are /have poor joint`s…capacitors are generally the first to fail…once these fail then semiconductors are the most next common to fail because the capacitors could not keep the timing or the filtering of the ripple voltage maintaing the voltage…etc…etc…