MOSFET not working

So I’m working on this project, got these FQP30N06L MOSFETs and I can’t get this to work at all, even wired it up with just 5V and an LED and it doesn’t work.

Quite stuck.

Hi Liam

This circuit with an LED replacing the globe here would cook the LED instantly if the Supply voltage is above 3V. Are you able to provide the details of the supply you are using as well as the voltage divider?
Also just to be sure the anode(Generally the long leg of the LED) should be on the supply side.

Got it to work with the 5V circuit, struggling to get it to work with at 12V circuit to get a solenoid to actuate. Running a multi-meter and the MOSFET doesn’t seem to be switching, voltage just hovers at 12V.

What is the solenoid that you are using and does it work without the MOSFET in place?
Is there a common earth between the 12v and 5V circuits or are they isolated?

12V solenoid 350mA. Works fine when I put it on the 12v power supply.

Figured out the problem, crap solder.

For the record, this circuit is a common earth.

With now try this with my shift register. Works with my array of LED’s.


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Awesome that you are getting it working, Connections are about 99% or problems with electric circuits. (This ratio may not be back with data)