Help with etextile lillypad advice?

Could someone advice me the best way to go forward with making a lillypad respond if it’s blown on it to make it light up. If it is even possible.
Cheers Kerry…fashion student

You could use a hot wire anemometer. It relies on the air-flow cooling down the wire and changing its resistance. It’s not something you could easily obtain for your purpose but I did find one here:

You could make one but that would require some electronics knowledge. There’s a short description of how they work here:

This might be interesting. I wondered if the hot-wire could be replaced with a heated diode and it looks like the answer is yes. Somebody used it to create an electronic birthday cake candle that goes out when you blow on it.

Thank you

Hi Shaun
Would you b in a position to build it for me as a paying job please?

Sorry Kerry,

I’m flat out on another volunteer project and have a full time job. I’m sure there’s others on he forum that could help you with the information I posted up or maybe have other ideas.


Thank you for your ideas so far. Would there be anybody on this forum who could help me please. Cheers Kerry

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