Help with simple 2RPM motor setup


I’m working on an art installation where a coin mounted on a metal rod needs to be slowly spinning. I’ve done some tests and 2rpm is the ideal speed. I have no background in electronics/engineering but do have a fabricator that can do some basic welding and connection work for me.

The motor would need to be relatively small and will be hidden in the base of the installation. I’m looking to find the most basic setup that will allow me to plug into a powerpoint and get the coin spinning. It will need to be reliable as the exhibition runs for 6 months.

Would really appreciate some suggestions on the components required to do this cost effectively but to still ensure a quality setup.

Many thanks!


Hi Eugene
Have a look at CoreElectronics store SKU: ROB-12154. Could use with a 12V 1A plugpack. Dimension drawing on Sparkfun web site.

Cheers Bob

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Hey Eugene,

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I’d go with a simple geared DC motor as Bob has suggested. For something easy and slow, I’d go with a high-ratio gearmotor such as this one. Simply lower the input voltage until it rotates at the desired speed and you’ll be good to go!

I’ve linked an alternative motor for you below depending on the input voltage that you’re providing to your system.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Btw @Robert93820 I added a link to the motor you suggested for you in your post :slightly_smiling_face: Please @ me if it’s not the right one and I’ll fix that up right away.

Hi Bryce
That link is correct
The motor in your link may be a bit fast for Eugene and if you just reduce the voltage to lower the speed it may not have enough grunt to start. Would have to experiment methinks.
Cheers Bob

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Absolutely! Also depends on how big a coin we’re talking about and whether it’s mounted concentrically which will change the moment of inertia, but shouldn’t be too hard to have a bit of a tinker.

Thanks for the quick response guys.

Robert, I think that motor you linked in looks great. I’m sure that we don’t need a higher speed than 2rpm so maybe its the right solution. Excuse my lack of knowledge, but what extra wires do I need to connect to a 12V plugpack? I see Core Electrics only has a 12V 2A for sale but Jaycar have some 1A plugpacks available.

Thanks again guys!

Hi Eugene
2A or 1A. As long as it is more than the likely load it does not matter In this case the maximum likely is 0.5A so either one should be OK.
Extra wire? Depends on how far away the plug pack is. You may have to provide a socket to suit whatever is on the end of the plug pack you use or cut any plug off and connect directly to the motor. A bit hard to suggest remotely as everything depends on the motor connection (I have no idea) and what you end up with. Up to you I suppose. If the motor turns the wrong way just reverse the connection.
Cheers Bob
Edit. Make sure of the motor speed as it will be difficult to make it go faster.