New High Torque Dc Motor for Toy Pottery Wheel

Hi, I have bought this 12V toy pottery wheel:
VEVOR VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel, 30W 0-2000 RPM Ceramic Wheel, Adjustable Speed DIY Clay Machines, Electric Sculpting Kits with 3 Turntables Trays and 16pcs Tools for Art Craft Work Molding Gift and Home DIY | VEVOR AU .

I need to slow the turntable down and give it lot more torque using a new geared motor to approx 30-100 rpm using the speed control knob. I need advice as to which motor would do the job. The current 12 volt motor only develops power at high speed (top speed 2000rpm). I’m not sure about the N.m needed but it just has to turn a 5kg weight sitting on the pottery wheel platter.
Its running on a 12V 2amp power supply. I have images which can be posted with all necessary measurements needed to fit the new motor into the existing metal enclosure.
Looking forward to advice,

Thank you, Rob

Hey Rob,
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I did have a quick search around for you and found a motor that may work:

75:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx54L mm LP 12V

Those Pololu motors have a great table on their product pages that may help you find a motor that matches exactly what you need for this project, though would be good to get an ide on the dimensions needed for this to be mounted inside the machine.


Hi Bladen,

Thanks for getting back to me. From the looks of it the shaft size is 4mm but I need 5mm.

Is there any chance you (or the forum) could be more specific with the motor needed?

Have attached all specs in image form.

Best Regards,

Rob Wynne

Hey Rob,

It’s not a more specific answer, as I am sure someone else will be able to provide, but I can point you in the direction of the motor categories: