Hi I'm wondering how to make a small speaker thing

I want to put a small speaker with memory into a cardboard box (somewhere in the range of 12 x 8 x 3 cm), which is activated by a pull switch (pull a chain to activate the speaker).

How would I go about this?
What sort of parts would I use?

Hey Aurora,
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I will always recommend the DFplayer Mini for a compact noise making solution, paired with the Enclosed speakers and a AA battery pack, its very compact.

Now the pull chain switch is a bit more difficult as we do not stock them. I could imagine using a on/off momentary button which is activated by the chain being pulled on a track, maybe held by a spring so that it goes back to position after its let go. That part of the project would take some definite ingenuity to come up with something that would last.


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I’d suggest something similar to Blayden’s solution.

If you attach your chain to a pivot such that when you pull on the chain the other end pushes up on a limit switch (Micro Limit Switch (Roller Lever) - 2 Pack | goBilda GB-3103-0001-0001 | Core Electronics Australia) would likely get you there.

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