Seeking a component

An artist friend wants to make a work that emits sound when certain triggers are fired. Eg: a proximity switch or maybe a pressure pad. So, an mp3 player with a micro SD slot, connected to some switch inputs is what I think she needs. I have bought something like this in the past but can’t remember what it was called.

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Hi Greg,

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s probably the Adafruit sound boards that we offer. There’s quite a few variants depending on how much sound you need to store, whether it needs to fit somewhere small, and whether you need an amp in-built

Have a look and get back to me if you need some more help!

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Thanks James,

I’m talking to the artist about space constraints etc. Apparently it is a box with a seascape inside. She wants it to play sea sounds when the box is opened.



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Hi Greg,

To follow-up on James’s response, they also go under the name of a WAV or MP3 trigger.

To get the audio triggers working with different types of sensors you will most likely need a microcontroller to act as a middle man.
Some sensors also have thresholds that you can use to send an activating signal to the sound-board!
Core also has these cool boards here that could work.

I’m keen to see how your project comes out!