FX Mini Sound board -drive powered speaker directly? Also how to connect up

Re Audio FX Mini Sound Board - 16MB.
Can it provide direct input to a powered (mono) speaker, or do I also require an amplifier?
If so, what is there that is LOW cost that will provide the interface? Sound quality doesn’t have to be very high.

Also does the above mini sound board come with clear instructions, that a fairly non electronics person like myself can follow and understand. I can solder and make VERY basic circuits from an old Dick Smith ‘how to’ book. I struggle with circuit diagrams.

I just want to play a wav file (as a continuous loop) through an old powered speaker that I have, and activate it through an on/off switch i.e. switch it on and it makes the noise until I switch it off. I don’t understand this “when pin x is low” stuff, and don’t want to get into Arduino.

From what I read on the Core-Electronics website, the Adafruit sound board would be suitable; just not sure how to hook it up and if I need an intermediary amp.
Hope you can help.

Hi Irvine,
The Mini Sound Board is going to be perfect. It doesn’t have an onboard amp so sending that signal to a powered speaker should work well.
All of the information for the product is on the Adafruit website, and it’s extremely well documented, you don’t need to understand what’s going on with the board to use it, but some basic soldering is required.

Ok that’s great thanks Sam.
I’ll put my order in.