Hiring a Raspberry Pi Developer

Hi Raspberry Pi Lovers … just curious if there is such thing as people or businesses who build raspberry pi projects for other people? I really want a simple traffic light type LED + MP3 audio project completed with a raspberry pi and I am happy to pay for the components and for the persons time to code it, but I don’t even know if this is something that other people do? If someone could point me in the right direction, I’d be greatly appreciative. Warm Regards Kylie. #Newbie


Hey Kylie,

There are definitely groups out there that would be keen to jump on a project like this.
I’m not too sure where you would find anyone these days - I’d say local Makerspaces are a good place to start.
It also sounds like one that could be done with a bit of back and forth on the forum!

I’d take a look at the Glowbit’s for LED’s, they have some excellent guides for both the Pico and SBC’s: https://core-electronics.com.au/glowbit.html
Or these traffic light-esque bits here:4Tronix PiStop - Traffic Light Add-on for Raspberry Pi | Core Electronics Australia

If you’re using one of the computer boards(3B+, 4B, Zero 2 W, etc) generating the souds is doable in Python - Pygame seems promising!


Thank you for your guidance Liam. I’ll see if we have a Makerspace here in Central Queensland and reach out to them.

I would love to do the project myself, however because I am such a newbie I feel like I’d be asking a question every single step of the way and I’m sure that would be really painful for the others in this forum. :sweat_smile:. I have watched a few of the glowbit tutorials and they are good, so perhaps I’ll also hunt down the same type of tutes for the audio and bluetooth.

Thanks again for reaching out. I really appreciate it and happy making @Liam120347 !!


Hey Kylie,

Sounds like a plan!

Thats no worries at all - asking questions is a great way to learn and being able to read documentation and finding some work-arounds.

Core also has some great tutorials under Learn > Tutorials and Learn > Online Courses.

Thats what the forum is for!! Cheers Kylie!