GUI creators

Hi all,
just wondering if anyone here can recommend a person or business that can help create a GUI for my business.
I am using a Arduino to operate some solenoid valves and wanting to use a raspberry pi touch screen to operate the solenoids. i will need some kind of push button interface created

if anyone can help that would be great

thanks in advance


Hey Lindsay,

Not sure about the scale of what you’re looking to do, but if you’re after commercial support, there’s another Newcastle based company that we recommend that I’ve linked below for you that may be able to help:

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thanks for the input bryce i will contact them.
Pretty much i am building a carry case that will contain a power source that can plug into solenoid valves in a workplace environment (trying not to give too much away) and inside the case is a raspberry pi touch screen that will run a program that is very simply a touch the button operation either on/off and slow medium fast operating speed of the solenoid.
so needing that to be designed and programmed into the raspberry pi or arduino board that will also be inside the case
hope that paints a better picture, just not into programming myself and struggling to find someone to do this for me. will obviously pay for someones time skills and efforts and i always support young upstart business etc