Honda Jazz (2006) Bluetooth AUX upgrade

Okay so I’m trying to upgrade an old car with no bluetooth or AUX input without replacing the whole stereo or using crumby bluetooth-fm transmitters.

This is my reference tutorial. And the device I’m trying to connect.
Also another few references for this specific car: AUX in wiring diagrams and another configuration just for making an AUX port.

Just some questions about the connections. Especially as I will be hoping to connect the bluetooth device without splicing any of the original wires and using other open connections (USB female and AUX female) to plug into - just for future proofing and being able to take out the unaltered device when needed.

  1. The tutorial guy used a broken down car plug usb port to be the power connection for the bluetooth device. He soldered a positive and negative wire from the usb port to connect to the cars power source wires (ignition/accessories). Wondering if this USB to wires product is appropriate for that? Like using the data +ve/-ve only (or any of the other wires in the same way) and leave the other wires be? Or is it just too complicated a product for what I’m looking for as it will only just be for power? Also not familiar with ground wires but this guy seemed to use the ground wire for connecting a USB port to the car ignition power source.

  2. Also, wondering if your female to male audio cable is directional (e.g. male to female, vice versa)? Does that matter if its being connected to the data source some way or another? I don’t really have a wide understanding of how wiring things work.

Thanks for helping this unqualified but enthusiastic DIY fiend.

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Here’s also a handy dandy USB powered, AUX in, Bluetooth receiver that the youtube guy made on the card here:
Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Playback Module (Bluetooth 4.0)

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Hi Jane,

You’ve stumbled upon the right place actually! I used to own A 2006 Jazz and the best upgrade I did to it was an AUX port, I used a part similar to this one (it’s too specialised for our store): Radio AUX Input Cable For Honda Jazz 2001 - 2007 - 3.5mm Female Plug | eBay

I then used a panel mount plug like this one:

Now, to set this up to bluetooth. You can ditch the panel mount plug, and plug this module directly into the board:

Now comes the challenge of powering that module. To start with, you’ve got to “step down” the 12V from your accessory circuit to the 5V this module wants. The easiest way would be with a car charger, you can hide under the centre console, and plug into the existing 12V port that you’ve taken out of its spot in the dash. You can then plug the hole in the dash or put a charging port there. Something like this should work:

If you’re open to soldering, it opens up a few more options, but you can keep it really simple by just hiding your cigarette lighter socket under the dash and powering everything from that with a regular car charger.

Keen to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Don’t change out that head unit or speakers (if you have the same ones as I did) They sound sublime, best I’ve heard of any Jap car, ever, let alone for a car built to a price, especially with the bass bumped up a little.

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Hi James,

Great minds think alike! Thanks for all this info, super helpful!

The Radio aux input cable looks helpful. I’m hoping to have a green female input plug - or a modified 6-pin dupont - to a female AUX which was my question about the directional AUX male to female - does it matter? This is so I can plug in my bluetooth device without modifying it. I’m quite partial to the remote that I’ll stick on my dashboard for easy and safe phone call/music management.

I’ve attached a photo with my general plan with some purple questions :slight_smile:

I’m open to soldering which is why I don’t mind matching and connecting the wiring.

Re: 12V to 5V. Can you explain this bit again:

The easiest way would be with a car charger, you can hide under the centre console, and plug into the existing 12V port that you’ve taken out of its spot in the dash. You can then plug the hole in the dash or put a charging port there.

So I plug the bluetooth into the car charger USB port, then I connect the Car charger to…? Does this change if I want to solder a female usb input to the accessory power source - for the bluetooth to plug into. refer to the left side of the photo :slight_smile:


Hi Jane,

To follow your trend of hand-drawn diagrams, here’s what I envisioned as the easy way (my diagram is much uglier though):

The only catch is that you wouldn’t be able to use the Aux and Bluetooth at the same time (I also haven’t done this so hopefully you don’t need a switch to avoid audio issues)
For that joiner part, something like this should work:
And a couple other parts:

Let me know if this makes sense!

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