How do I code my WiPy 3.0?

I am very much so a beginner in Electronics. I know how to code python but my skills stop there. I can connect my WiPy 3.0 to FTP via FileZilla but when trying to code in IDLE it doesn’t work and I can’t import any libraries. I’ve tried to connect to it via Atom Pymakr but can’t seem to connect my board without a USB. I don’t know if it’s me or my Mac, I am truly going in blind.

It needs to Control some Piezo Buzzers, an Accelerometer and some LED’s which sounded kinda simple until I actually tried it.

Even if I find a way to connect the board, I really don’t know how to actually code it. I understand python but access individual IO ports or using PWM, I have no clue.

If anyone can help me with anything, it would be of tremendous help and I will be forever grateful.

Jordan Whittaker

Hey Jordan,

Thanks for your post. There is so much we can cover here, to get you started the Pycom documentation is a great source of information and can be found here. This document answers all the questions you have asked and there is a lot of example code including how to access IO ports and PWM.

I hope this helps.