Pycom WiPy 3.0 FTP

I just ordered a WiPy 3.0 board and have the board successfully powered up and connected via Wify to my Mac. While trying to access the FTP server on the board using the standard url and using username:micro and password:python, it comes up saying no server can be found. I have no idea what to do.

I will try updating my computer to the latest version of OS, and using FileZilla but i dont know if that will work. Im currently on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 but I dont know if that makes a difference.

If anyone can help it, would be amazing.

Jordan Whittaker

Hi Jordan,

I tend to use a the COM Port method and the Pymakr plugin. It’s often less fuss for bench-level projects. Though I can see the value in setting up the board as a wireless AP to update it over the air!

Here’s the official guide

There are instructions for connecting mac via terminal there. Let me know how you get on!

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Thank you for the document Graham
I did what it said on the document and it still came up with the error. My mac is updating now so i can download FileZilla and see if that helps.

I have access to a windows computer, should i try and see if it works on there?

Anything is worth a shot :slight_smile:

Before you try to connect to the ftp server, have you confirmed that you have successfully connected your mac to the Wifi hotspot on the WIPY? Easiest way to tell is to click on the Wifi icon in the top right.

Thereafter, whats the IP address on your Mac?

Easiest way to tell is to open terminal on the mac and type in ifconfig… in the list of ‘devices’ it will show something like en0:… You should see your IP address, it should be 192.168.4.x (probably 2).

Assuming you are successfully connected to the WiPy wifi you should be good to go, at least from an IP networking perspective.

Upgrading to Mojave shouldnt make a difference though. I have had success with FileZilla before. You could also try Chrome.

Perhaps a long shot but I’d also be tempted to revert back to a terminal shell and type “ftp:” without the quotes.

On a broader subject though, do you need ftp? I do all my updating using the Pymaker plugin for Atom and have used the wifi hotspot to connect and do everything I need to do. I assume you want ftp access to retrieve data files from the SD Card?? I cant think why it would be of much use other than for this.


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Thanks so Much
I have got FTP working but as you said, it’s not much use. I have tried running the files on IDLE but then i cant import any Libraries, I really don’t know

Apart from FTP, I really didn’t know any method of accessing any files on the board. As you can probably tell I am on a serious level of beginner. Ive tried using the Pymakr plugin for Atom but don’t know then how to connect my board wirelessly or if i even can.

Jordan Whittaker

Hi @Jordan88758,
The Pycom documentation isnt always as good as it could be unfortunately… Dont despair though, its actually not that hard once you get your head around it.

First off, you mention you have a WiPy, do you have the Expansion Board as well, or just the WiPy?

If you have the expansion board I’d definitely recommend you start using / programming the WiPy via the USB connector on the expansion board - this eliminates so many unknowns / potential problems when you are just starting to get your head around things.

You said in your first post that you had already connected via Wifi, so I’ll not turn that stone over again.

As for the programming interface… ATOM & Pymakr plugin everytime!

There are two things I discovered along the way…
Your projects (source code, libraries etc) live in folders on your Mac. So, for example your project folder on your Mac would look something like:

\My_Project\lib (all your libraries & drivers go in here)
\My_Project\ (etc etc… All your other bits of code you are working on for My_Project)

Now, back into Atom.

  1. Add a project folder and point to your \My_Project folder. The folder structure is displayed in ATOM and you have direct access to your .py files.
  2. You write to the board from within Atom. When you Upload the project from within Atom, it copies the .py files and the lib folder from your project folder (on your Mac) to the WiPy and automatically restarts the board. The code in starts running immediately and if you are connected via USB, displays info in the REPL section of Atom.

If you are connecting via wifi I have found that the code starts running before the wifi is connected and its often hard to troubleshoot - of course, its fine if your code is perfect (mine never is!!)

Hope that helps. Shout out if you need more info,