Pycom and Adafruit IO - From Zero to Hero

Hi, I’m following the video ioT from zero to hero and got to the point where I need to connect to the WIFI, but the Wipy SSID does not seem to be listed in the WIFI network. From what I understand, the WIFI is enabled by default and the SSID is something like ‘wipy-wlan-XXXX’.

Not sure what I’ve done wrong here that the SSID is not shown at all. Please help.

FYI, I’m using pycom expansion board 3.1 instead of 2.0, and connected with a Wipy3.0.


Hi Joshua,

I can’t provide any solutions, although it may have something to do with your network.
I ran into an issue with my Raspberry Pi not being able to connect or show my WiFi due to the connection requiring further authentication (username and password).


Thanks for the reply Liam, correct me if I’m wrong, wouldn’t this simply be the Wifi connection directly between my laptop to the Wipy? I haven’t even get to the point of tying the Wipy into my home network, I’m still at the point of trying to detect the Wipy default SSID from my PC.

From Chris’s tutorial video and what I’ve read from the Pycom website,

It seems to me that I should be able to detect the WiPy SSID as soon as I power up the module.

Thanks for your help

Hi Joshua,

Just confirming, you have updated to the latest firmware? You’re right it should be broadcasting an SSID by default if it’s powered on.

That said, I have found a couple of posts on the Pycom forums by people who have had a similar issue. Note these forums have the oldest posts at the bottom and newest ones at the top (opposite to our forum).

Support | Core Electronics

Brilliant Oliver! Thanks for the response.

Yes, I have update the expansion board firmware using v1.16.5, which is a later version than the video.

The forum " New WiPy 3 not broadcasting SSID" makes sense, but I’m not sure how to go about * installing the legacy firmware, which is a slightly older version 1.20.0.rc13.* The legacy firmware comes with a .tar.gz file, how do I install them?

I was hoping this tutorial is a bit easy to follow, after all this is just to plot some data on a webpage through WIFI, I statred to feel a bit overwhelmed by its complexity …