How to build a 20,000mAh power bank without auto-off function


I have an Arduino system that collects gas sensors’ data and sends them to the computer by WiFi. The Arduino Nano 33 IoT is currently powered by a 20,000mAh power bank. I set the Arduino for a one hour cycle of 50 min sleep and 10 min data collecting and so on for 40 days. The problem for now is the power bank has an auto-off feature, and probably 99.9% of power banks on the market have, which turns itself off when they detect the current draw low, for here when my Arduino is sleeping it draws less than 25 mA. I need the power bank to supply power to the Arduino system all the time. Can someone help me with designing and making a power system of 20,000mAh 5.0V and no auto-off function?

Thanks a lot.

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You could just grab a large LiPo battery and a 5V step up regulator! Our largest capacity batteries are the PiJuice specific LiPo’s, which are designed to be used with the PiJuice for the Raspbery Pi, but are still more than fine to be used with a regulator, you will just use the red and black wires, the yellow is just for temperature sensing and isn’t compulsory. I’d grab this 20,000mAh LiPo and this 5V regulator.

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@Lee66649 See if you can make something work as per Owens recommendation.

If you need something produced commercially or custom designed, shoot me a DM :+1:


Very helpful. Thank you Owen. I am now looking to find a charging solution based on your suggestion. Will keep you updated. Cheers

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