How to connect the piccodev and use the Tx and Rx pins

I have a rover which I am controlling through the serial port pins 6,8 and 10 on raspberry pi. Now I need to find the distance to the next obstacle using piico dev distance sensor and drive the rover accordingly. But when I fix the piico dev adapter on top of the raspberry pi, I can no longer access the pins 6, 8 and 10. Can someone please tell me how this can be resolved?


Hi Jack,

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Confusingly there are a couple of numbering conventions used on the Pi GPIO, the BCM numbering (the literal pins from the CPU) and the physical pin numbers.

Physical pins 6,8 and 10 are broken out to the Raspberry Pi PiicoDev Adapter as:

  • Physical pin 6 - GND - The 3rd or 4th pin down labeled GND
  • Physical pin 8 - GPIO 14 - D14 (TX) on the PiicoDev adapter
  • Physical pin - GPIO 15 - D15 (RX) on the PiicoDev adapter

To get jumper wires connected you could solder some male/female headers and plug them right in!
PS: Here’s a really good resource for figuring out which pin is which (and the Card in your order :smiley: )



Thanks @Liam. I have tried your suggestion and it works perfectly. Thanks.


Glad to hear Jack!

We’re keen to see your project :slight_smile:

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