How to Control a 12v Linear Actuator Using Relays and Micro controllers

For starters Im a total pleb with electronics and arduinos, apologies in advance - I am trying to connect a 12v linear actuator to an arduino that can control the timing of when the actuator moves in and out. I want the arm to extend the full amount and then retract to about half of its length, similar to what is demonstrated in this link:

the only difference is that i am using a 12v linear actuator, this one:

I think all i need to buy from your store is this:

as well as ALL the required cables and jump leads - as i have none.

All i have is an arduino, 12v linear actuator and imac.
can you please guide me in the right direction on this?

And to be extra greedy - its very urgent re time. as its for an exhibtion that opens next week - if i could order these parts today and have them express posted before 2pm would be ideal.
thanks for your time,

Hi Eric,

From what I can see by that guide you should be right to go with what relay. The only thing I would check is that the current rating on your power supply(battery in the tutorial) is up to what the relay requires.

Thanks heaps for your speed reply Clinton - I was also unsure how to about powering the actuator. At the moment its connected to this box that links it to a remote control.I have connected a 15v power supply to the box - that powers the arm - via a remote control. Images of the box below. FYI I dont plan on using the remote control - as i would like it to be completely automated.

Re. Power Supply; Am i best to buy a seperate power supply from your store that can co-ordinate with what i want to do. It is essential for my purpose not to use a battery.

If you can find a way to get that box to be in always on mode you could use it as the supply by connecting the M terminals where the battery would be in the tutorial.
If you can’t to that you may need a DC-DC voltage converter to drop the voltage down to 12V

ok great thanks - because im so time poor - im thinking that I wont be able to get the box to stay always on. So I think i will buy the dc-dc converter you are suggesting. Could you also supply me with all the neccessary hardware (cables and stuff) to connect this dc-dc thing to my rig? I would love to to confirm this order with express post before 2pm today if possible. I really appreciate your speedy response time on this - great customer service!

also - im currently using 15v dc from a power supply - I noticed that it made the actuator a bit stronger than when i ran it on 9v or 12v. Am i correct in assuming that the unit can take up to 30v and that maybe i can up the power?