Linear Actuator door

I would like to use a linear actuator and and a lever switch to open a small door (either slide up and down or on a hinge). This is to let a robot lawnmower through a boundary fence. The linear actuator, power source and any other electronic components need to be able to be kept outdoors. I also want to actuator to be relatively high speed so that the mower doesn’t hit the flap of the door? I hope this is not too confusing request?

Hi Daron,

That shouldn’t be too hard! A hinge would probably be easiest in my mind, and the actuator should be strong enough to hold the door closed. I would start by looking at something like this:

Hi Stephen. If that actuator can be kept outdoors it would definitely fit the purpose. How do I go about connecting it to a lever switch? When the lever is pushed in I want the door closed and when the lever is out the door open?

Hi Daron,

From the product description: “the entire case is sealed to protect against dust and water (rated IP63).”

I’m not sure what you mean by a “Lever Switch”, but the directions to control the unit are all toward the bottom of the product description. You will need a motor controller as well.

Hi Stephen

I apologise for my complete ignorance!! What is a motor controller? Which one would be best for my purposes and can it be left outdoors?

What I mean by a lever switch is something like this :

Main Product

i.e. - when the mower docks inside the door, the switch is depressed and that closes the flap with the linear actuator?


Hi Daron,

You can find a helpful tutorial here:

You will need to mount all the electronics inside a waterproof housing if you want to keep them outside. A switch could easily be read by an Arduino, that could then send signals to a motor controller to drive the actuator.

See Chapter 2 of our Arduino Workshop for Beginners to learn more about using a switch with the Arduino.