How to Update Firmware on Rigol Oscilloscope

Clinton just shared a new tutorial: "How to Update Firmware on Rigol Oscilloscope"

How to update the firmware on your Rigol Oscilloscope.
This tutorial will show you how to update the software on your Rigol Oscilloscope. This will unlock the latest features as well as solve some bugs. What you will need.

Rigol Digital OscilloSc…

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Hi Clinton,

I have just acquired a Rigol DS1102D scope, and have checked its’ firmware version as 00.02.06. The Rigol site firmware ‘current version’ is

Some documentation states that the update file to be placed on the USB is a .gel file, however the downloaded file has a different extension … DS1000DUpdate.RGL

Two questions: Do you know if the scope will identify that as an appropriate update file? And would you recommend doing such a big version update in one step? Noting that there are no available intermediate versions available as far as I can determine.

And two ‘side questions’ … If the scope needs servicing/alignment - who/where are the service agents? And where can I get more of the “Logic testing leads” and the “Logic testing nips” (spring hooks) for the Logic Analyser component? I have 16 connection leads but only 7 of the spring hooks out of the 20 of each listed in the Accessories list.

Happy to note that on initial powerup and tests that the scope is usefully functional :smiley:


(A) have found the Australian RIgol site which may answer some of my questions
(B) Interesting - the firmware number above is from a download from the North American Rigol site, the Australian site lists the version …