Rigol DS 1052SE Scope

Hi all, i am a newbie to this, hoping someone can help. My Rigol 1052SE scope has died, power supply problem by the looks of it. SMPS ! can you buy spares or does anybody know how to fix it? It died without blowing the fuse, so I have heard this is a good thing as it it was not a catastrophic failure. I seem to have the high voltage side OK but nothing going to the outputs.


Hi Wolfgang,

You’ll be able to contact Rigol to find authorised repair agents, though, given the price point on that scope, the costs could be comparable to a new product once you take into account the cost-per-hour of a technician doing the work (especially if the fault isn’t clean-cut)

Rigol gear has a 12-month warranty so if it’s a recent purchase then you could get it fixed pretty quick. We don’t sell the 1052SE (because the 4-channel costs slightly more but with twice the elbow room), so perhaps check your invoice and get in touch with who you bought from?