How to access Raspberry Pi 4 B on SSH with headless install

Guys, just to share a bit of my experience with installing OS on Raspberry Pi 4 headless.
Initially after installing microSD card with right version of Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi 4 the access on SSH (e.g. via Putty tool) on port 22 is blocked. To establish connection on SSH on port 22 with your Raspberry you need to create an empty file with name ssh without any extension in the filename, in the root of miSD card with Raspbian OS. With that you can access your Raspbery on SSH on port 22 using putty, to continue your install. Credit to James from Core Electronics who help me with this. Thanks James.


Thanks for putting this on the forum Jerzy!

Always great to see users helping each other out! If anyone else is running into issues with headless install and reading this message, check out this tutorial from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, it’s quite extensive but make sure to let us know if you run into any issues with it:

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