HUB75 connections for a FeatherS2

Seeking support in relation to a Maker FeatherS2 pinout solution for a HUB75 connector for a DMD display.

I have attached my interpretation of the pin outs required however, I am not getting a good image on the display, a few horizontal lines, so the power supply is good at least.


  1. Do you guys have your preferred FeatherS2 pin outs for a HUB75 connector.
  2. I made presumptions that the Red Blue and Green connections are digital I/O ie D5 is IO1.
  3. What is address E connected to?
  4. Do you have a very simple software program I can use to test the DMD one colour at a time.

HUB75 connection diagram.pdf (805.1 KB)

Hi Jeff,

I haven’t used the HUB75 matrices myself so I haven’t yet gone down the rabbit hole of mastering their rather unique pinout. I’m not sure what the best pinout would be for the Maker Feather S2 however I did want to let you know there are a couple of controllers out there with a HUB75 connector built in that feature a ESP32 co-processor.

I think there is also a version using an ESP32-S3 that was released recently but is out of stock.

Could you let me know what library your project was using to address the matrix and any resources you were drawing from? If we can find an existing project using a Feather S2 for this that may short-cut a lot of the trial and error we may encounter to get this running.