Human Presence sensor With Display

I am Wanting to Make a Project using the
24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module Lite
Where i Have A Display like an Oled Display.
Where i Use an Arduino Nano if it is powerful enough. and on the screen it displays a Green flashing dot showing where the Person is using the Sensor. and at the bottom it can display Speed and Direction of Movement and maybe the distance from you to the person.
Just a Broad idea, I also want to make it as cost friendly as i can.

Thank you

Hi Marcus!

Cool idea.
How big would you like you OLED display? :slight_smile:

Maybe like 3-4 inches

Or like 1-2 Inches
not sure any size

Or i can scrap the Arduino Nano and use an Rasberry pi with this screen.
Pico Display Pack 2.0
I saw the Raspberry Pi Pico (with Soldered Headers)
For a Good price and use that display with it.

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Is this size big enough.

It will interface with the pico or the nano. :slight_smile:

I also found this microbit go bundle which looks interesting for you since this will make it portable and allow you to take it outside for testing running people, cars, or even animals. I don’t personally have experience with the microbit system.

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There are development boards available that incorporate a display, such as

Oh Ok Thanks

I think that should be fine

Um how do i connect the WT32-SC01 Plus Screen to my Arduino Nano or Rasberry Pi Pico

Hi Marcus,

The WT32-SC01 actually has a microcontroller built in (an ESP32), so you program it directly, rather than interfacing it with another host microcontroller, this could then talk to the human presence sensor. I can see the one you mentioned has an Arduino library, so you’d just need to make sure the WT32 could be programmed that way too.

The PiicoDev OLED option Pixmusix mentioned is an excellent option, as it’s well documented and uses MicroPython, so it’s very easy to use, though it is intended for a Pi Pico, rather than the Arduino ecosystem.

What was the end goal of the project? Or were you just experimenting?

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Oh ok Thanks

Na I was hoping to make a Device where it can show me where the people are in the room with a flashing green light on the display. Where it also shows the direction of movement and speed.
Using an Arduino Nano