Hungry Baby Cry Detector

Hello, I am a 3rd year student taking Computer Engineering.
Babies communicate through various cry sounds, each with its own meaning. For instance, the “Neh” cry typically indicates hunger, while the “Heh” cry is often associated with discomfort or unease.

Our proposed study aims to develop a device capable of detecting and analyzing a baby’s cry to determine if it signifies hunger. Once the device detects that the baby’s cry signifies hunger, it will promptly send a notification to the mother’s cellphone.

Is our study possible? Do you have any suggestions on how we can make it possible? How can we differentiate the different baby cry using machine learning?

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Welcome to the forum John!!

It’s definitely possible and you probably use something similar quite regularly!
The key will be a fourier transform - breaking apart the sound into its respective frequencies or footprint, then using that as an input to a machine learning model.

Shazam and similar song finding apps use a similar system: Music Recognition Algorithms: How Does Shazam Work? | Toptal®


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