Simple, cheap "chirping" reminder?

Hi everyone, this is a project I’m doing out of necessity rather than fun and I don’t want to spend any more time or energy on it than absolutely necessary!

I think we’re about to get another mouse plague, I want to screw several mousetraps to a wooden board and have a simple circuit that “chirps” regularly when any of the traps has been activated (I plan to have several of these boards around the house, maybe give them to neighbours etc).

The trigger is easy, what I need is the chirper. I only want it to chirp every few minutes, so we can ignore it if we’re already asleep, but be reminded to deal with it in the morning or when we get home from work etc, bit like a smoke alarm battery reminder.

Can you think of a product that already does this, or a simple (and cheap) circuit to build it?

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I use a piezo buzzer to make a cricket-like sound. You can hear it in this video:

chirruping cricket

It’s controlled by a Nano, but any processor board would do. Coding to make the chirruping sound is trivial.

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piezo buzzer

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Welcome back!

I can think of a couple of ways, one using a 555 timer and another using a Pi Pico

Let us know what you’re thinking!