Hy-TB268N-5A Problem Help Needed

Hi I’m new to the world of CNC and it’s issues After many month and making and install all parts and having
the Cnc running for just over 3 month I now got some major issues with my Stepper drivers I brought 8 when I
started to build the CNC 4 to use and 4 spares which turns out to have been a good move as 4 of them are
on the blink.
The main problem that there is two Resistors and they look like they are burnt out !
I Have included the pictures of what they look like and are wondering to if they can be FIX or not???
I can be reach on jjans@internode.on.net as well

It looks like you may need to upgrade to some heavier duty stepper motor drivers or get some cooling on those resistors or you are going to keep having this problem. To repair this one you could try replacing the burnt out resistor with another (If I read the bands correctly they are a .22Ohm resistor, you can find a calculator online). Though as resistors burn out they get lower resistance so it may have damaged other components.

Hi Clinton, I Just wondering if you know where I Could possible got some of the Resistor Which looks
burn out ??? They are make as 0.22r / 2w Resistor on the board I have been trying to find some place
In Australia where I could get 20 of them I rang Core Electronics and was advise to leave message here
and there might be someone that wold be able to help
Thanks for taken the time to help Jan
Ps : I have got other stepper drivers and they are working find at this point of time for many hours
just want to see if these could be fix as spares just in case???