Stepper Driver Tic T825 error

Dear all
First post and first try with Steppers
Have a Tic T825 driver board and a Linux Mint system
Cant get past first base - computer will not recognize the board via USB

On the board Red fault LED is on continuously
Green flashing about 0.5 sec on/off
Orange same but at different time (indicates no motor power supply) - this should not matter

Have loaded the permissions file to /etc/udev/rules.d/99-polulu.rules
I note there is no device ID and no group in the file

Anyone had a similar problem and/or solution?
Does anyone know the device ID?



Are you sure? The DRV8825 chip that this module uses gets its logic power from the motor supply. Without a motor supply the logic won’t be running, and presumably it wouldn’t respond to the USB interface.


Hi Oliver,

Sorry to hear it’s giving you trouble! Could you post photos of your setup if Jeff’s suggestion doesn’t work?

Keen to see it working!

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Thanks for the responses
Shame job
It was the USB lead - I tried 4 and they are obviously all the power only type
Found a fifth one and it worked



Thanks Jeff
I just wanted to see the USB
The ticgui program seems to work without a motor supply
I think the motor supply drives the (presumably) H bridge which drives the motor coils directly
but not much else
Anyway working now