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I need a bit of help with a weird project. Wiring an arduino to output the F key to a computer when a switch is turned on.

Currently trying to set up a switch where when the correct code is entered the video will skip to the next one. We are currently truing to use a zero delay USB joystick encoder. But the computer won’t recognise the Inputs for remapping purposes. So our next idea is to change the Input to match what’s already programmed. I have access to an arduino uno and various cables. If preferable I’d like to limit purchasing, but if there is no other way a shopping list would be appreciated.

Hi @NuzakFarnas102212

Newer Arduino boards (e.g. Leonardo, SamD) have an updated communications chip and can do this out of the box using the keyboard library.

Older boards such as the Uno and Mega need to have the firmware on the communications chip updated to do this. Please read the following article:

Please note: many newer Unos and Megas will already be running the new firmware.

If you can get your hands on a Leonardo or similar, then this article is the one to use:

If you want some idea of the cost of a Leonardo, try this:

I’d be interested in how you get on.