I2c Data connection to rasberry pi o with wireless

My question ,

If i put the ardunio api on the board and data comes out via i2c , will this data be recognised by rasberry pi w0 on i2c .

If not what is the best way then to aquire data from the neo-m8p2 board .


Hey @stephen46093,

Welcome to the forum. If I understand the question correctly, you want to retrieve the data from a neo-m8p2 board with your Arduino via i2c then connect a Rpi via i2c as well?

If that’s the case, it seems as though it would be much simpler to just use the Rpi and connect it to the sensor.

I hope this helps.

At present I have a rasberry pi board , but wishing to add via i2c data port the neo-m8p2 boad .

if i set up the api on the neo-m8p2 board will the rasberry pi board via the i2c accept the info that is sent over this data connection .