SparkFun Qwiic MicroPressure Sensor - Python Port

Hi - I am working on a project that would need to use a Sparkfun qwiic micropressure sensor. (A BME280 atmospheric sensor does not have the required functionality)

The Sparkfun drivers however are in C++ for the Arduino, and because of other peripherals, the development platform for the project is the Raspberry Pi Pico in Micropython.

Is anyone aware of a port of the micropressure drivers to Python? - as re-writing the driver (or creating a wrapper?) is far beyond my current level of expertise - and GitHub appears not to hold a solution.

Thank You,



Looked at the Arduino driver code, and it does not look overly complex. (famous last words, haha)
Setup I2C, send read command, read 24 bit pressure as 3 bytes, convert to units.
Keeping in mind the Arduino is much closer to the hardware interface than a RPi, unsure about the Pi Pico. Python driver might need some assembler code as was mentioned in a video about another product.

Still haven’t got around to playing with Pi Pico (really should start that soon).

Unfortunately I placed an order with Core yesterday afternoon, otherwise I would have thrown one of these on the list, just for the fun of it.
Think I might be able set up Python access, but would take a while. Wont know until I try.

I will keep this in mind for my next order.


Hi Jim…

I did have a quick look at the Arduino code and at first it did feel “not too complex”… but the lower layer include files would also need looking at to move to the RP2/RP2040 libraries…

So still looking for a solution…

On the topic of Python - once one gets familiar with the syntax of no Begin End “{” “}” or “;” then it is in interesting language.




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