IBeacon Module (Bluetooth 4.0) not working

I just got the below IBeacon Module.

I followed the guide and installed LightBeacon app and configured the location services settings as shown in guide. But the module is not visible to the app. I used different ibeacon apps too. But the module is still not visible.

Any thoughts?

Hey @Eranga27084
What iDevice were you using to configure your beacon module?

I used my iPhone 6S+ with LightBeacon app.

That’s good to hear, my next suggestion would be swapping out the battery on the iBeacon to make sure it is getting adequate power. Let me know how you go.

Yep. I replaced the battery and it worked. Thanks.


@Eranga27084 - nice! All the best with your projects

Bought a new iBeacon Module. How come the battery doesn’t seem to be working.

Hey Biz,
As above, it might be worth swapping the battery out if you’re having difficulty powering your iBeacon.