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Can you please assist in setting the UUID on the IBeacon I recently purchased. Apparently to work with the app I’m looking to use it has to be set to a particular UUID.
Oh and I’m not very tech savvy so please dumb the answer down.

Hi @Pat54066,

If you’ve bought the iBeacon from us, then it’s a Ghostyu module. Courtesy of this guide (guide no longer exists), there is an iOS app called LightBeacon. Unfortunately it is completely in Chinese. However, clicking around a bit should bring you to the following configuration dialog:

Here, you can not only define UUID, major and minor ID, but also the advertising interval. This can have a major impact on the battery life. If you want to use iBeacons to turn the light on when you enter a room, 0.5s might still be ok. If you just want to track you and turn the light off when you left the room for some time, even the longest interval of 4 seconds is more than enough. In many use cases, 4 seconds will work fine and result in a longer battery life. Now just store the value to the iBeacon. It will reboot and advertise the new UUID, major and minor.

Thanks it worked
I can not praise your company enough for all the help and patience. When I was looking to buy this item for my son in law, I am pleased your company was the one I found. It was to use with a app called driversnote so it would register each time he entered his car. The developers of the app helped by providing the information only after I had a bit of a dummy spit. On the other hand some one from your company answered my Facebook message on “Boxing Day “
Please say thanks to this person


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I’m glad that worked out for you Pat! Thanks for your kind feedback :slight_smile:

Any chance you can share the settings from the driversnote ibeacon?
Trying to do exactly what you were but having issues getting the settings.


Hi sorry I have no idea was for my son in law he no longer uses it. Do vaguely remember have to down load something in Chinese and followed the instructions from Core Electronics, who were very helpful.

Hi Peter,

Which settings in particular were you after? I’ve linked a tutorial below to setting up your iBeacon from driversnote which should have some useful information for you too. If there’s anything else that we can do for you please let us know.

Core Electronics | Support

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Hi Peter,

Just following up on Bryce’s comment - you should also try contacting Driversnote directly for help.

This appears to be the GitHub repo for DriversNote: https://github.com/Driversnote-Dev, so if all else fails you might be able to dig through the code to find the info you need to get it working. It looks like they are expecting to supply you with an iBeacon themselves which may be why they aren’t publicising the settings you need.

Core Electronics | Support

Hello all,

Did anyone play with the TxPower setting to achieve the distances?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Phil,

There’s only 4 settings for TxPower -23dBm, -6dBm, 0dBm, and +4dBm. You can reduce the transmission range to minimum by setting it to -23dBm. The Beacon we sell is the iBc41 which has a range of 30m-50m, so 30m will be about the minimum distance you can set it to (you could reduce the transmission range further by blocking the signal).

The MeasuredPower field should be left alone. This value is the average RSSI measured 1m from the base station. This value is calibrated at the factory (typically between -40 and -70).

I’d suggest taking a look at the Chinese version of the manual and uploading it to Google translate: http://resource.ghostyu.com/uploads/products/iBccommon/files/GhostyuBeacon产品手册-CN.pdf

Support | Core Electronics

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I know that this has been a while, but since this post we’ve found the English translation for this manual. I’ve linked it below for anyone after it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::