Question about Bluetooth Module (HC-06)

Hi there!

I’m having some difficulties with connecting my HC-06 to my iPhone (although I believe that I wired correctly and the module’s LED was blinking). I also tried with my Macbook, it recognized the module but did not let me connect to it.

Therefore, it would be so great if I could receive support and have a brief instruction on how to connect the HC-06 with iPhones.

Thank you so much!

Hi Tri,

Can you please give us some more info about what is going wrong? So the device is appearing as a Bluetooth device to connect to, but when you attempt to connect, it just times out? Or is a particular error being thrown?

Also, I’m assuming that you’ve got the HC-06 connected to a microcontroller of some description and are able to send it AT commands successfully? We have a guide on the HC-05 that should be almost identical to using the HC-06 available on the page below:

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Hi Bryce,

Thank you so much for your help. On my phone, the module did not even appear as a Bluetooth device for me to connect my phone to. On my Mac, it did appear in the Bluetooth devices section, but when I tried to connect, it disconnected automatically.

From this conversation, it looks like HC-06/05 are not compatible with IoS.

Let’s see if anybody says otherwise here.