Infininty Mirror questions

A couple of quick ones with the Infinity Mirror (

  1. What wire do you use (so I can purchase a replacement) and is it worth getting strandard core so it’s less likely to break?
  2. Why is the white wire (middle leg) on the pot cut to 40 mm when the other two are 70 mm?
  3. How do you use the paper peeler? (Might be worth including in the instructions that that is what it is too).

Just a quick note too, I’m only (mostly) a beginner to assembling projects like this one. I found it very difficult to get the ends of the LED strip to not touch each other, even with making sure it was pressed into the corners.

Otherwise a great product and I enjoyed putting it together. Thank you.

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Hi Scott,

Good to hear that you got it running

  1. This 22 AWG wire should do the trick: Solid core shouldn’t be an issue as it isn’t being thrown around.

  2. I am not sure on this one, I will ask the other guys why this is the case

  3. The paper peeler is just used to scratch off the paper from the back of the acrylic. Use a sharp edge to force the paper off the acrylic.

Thank you for the feedback on that one, The LED strip is a squeeze by design. Its awesome to see someone getting toward the end of a project!

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Hi Scott,

We have trimmed the wires so that they should fit more-easily within their own groves within the internal channels

Good point, we briefly mention it in the video, though we don’t actually show “how”. The paper peeler basically acts like a fingernail, to help get an edge of paper lifted. Re-reading this does leave me wondering about all the ways people will try and interpret that :slight_smile:

Since the last batch, we now snip off the trailing edge of the final LED so that there’s about 4mm of space (which is LOTS compared to what it was before). You can do the same if you like, here is a photo of the cut line (note, this is after the last LED and can be verified by the direction of the arrow):



Hi Mitchell and Graham, I hope you both had a good Christmas.

Thank you for the info, Graham. Forgive me but I still can’t see this as a reason why out of three wires that take the same route between two devices (the pot and Trinket), two would be 70 mm and one 40 mm.

Thanks again.

As a side note, I’m loving watching all the videos, and I hope to pick up an order in person (I’m from Campbelltown, NSW) and meet you guys. Keep up the good work!