Infinity mirror firmware?

Hi,I purchased the infinity mirror kit on 7/6/2018 and it worked fine the first day,but next day no leds came on.(

Hi Richard,

That’s strange - not likely a firmware issue though (providing you haven’t edited the code). It’s more likely to be a problem with the wiring/soldering given it was working at some stage. Sometimes a problem can be concealed but is baking away inside, the heat may take several hours before damage occurs.

Let’s do some faultfinding to see what’s going on.


  • With power disconnected, ensure there are no short circuits (by using a multimeter) between the 3 soldered wires that go to the LED Strip (there are 4 combinations of short circuits that could occur between the three wires; created by a solder blob/wires touching).

It could also be a problem with the potentiometer, if a wire has come loose or is misconfigured, etc. To test, position the potentiometer in the middle of the range of movement and take these two resistance measurements (they should be roughly 5kohm each, as that’s the halfway point):

When the device is powered, measure to ensure there is 5V between these two pins (black is ground):

All of the above tests can be done with only the rear “maintenance panel” removed. There’s no need to fully dismantle the kit; these tests will provide enough insight for next steps.