New video by Michael; Desktop Infinity Mirror - Claiming your Photon and flashing code

New video! In this tutorial you’ll set up a Particle account, claim the Particle Photon that drives your Infinity Kit, and see how to flash a program to your Infinity Kit by making a slight tweak to its default code.

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This video can also be viewed here
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Hi Michael, finally assembled this, all working. Now playing with Photon to modify code.
All works, the first time, I get the code uploaded to the Photon… and rainbow runs fast.
After that point the Photon becomes disconnected from the Cloud. No matter what I try, only way to get it to reconnect is reset whole photon and start again. Its almost like the code is “disabling” the cloud component.
I see the Device has been updated to 0.7.0 firmware, would that make a difference?