Initial setting up of raspberry 3b headless

Hey David,

A quick check is to just run ping from your command line to ensure that you’re connected to a network, depending on your operating system on the Pi you can either use a GUI or edit a config file to connect to a network, I’ve added a pair of tutorial for you below depending on what you’re running and most comfortable using:

Making sure that you’re on the correct network, that the appropriate network ports on your Pi are open and appropriate services enabled/running is a good place to start when attempting to rig up a headless board.

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Hi Lester,

I think Bryce may have missed the bit where you mentioned you don’t have display output, if you need a cable, maybe you could lump it into your next order from us?

Could you send through a copy of your wpa_supplicant.conf (With your password erased!!) so we can have a look for completeness? That’s a key step in making sure your Pi hooks into your WiFi successfully.

wpa_supplicant.pdf (201.3 KB)
Hi James, attached is my wpa_supplicant file. Cheers

Hey Lester,

That appears to be valid (without personal details of course). If possible, I would highly suggest attempting to boot your pi with a display rather than attempting a headless and ensure that the setup is working and that it is connected to your network successfully (you can also double-check your IP address on the network) and from there ensure that there aren’t any issues with the port 22 not being open or locale not being set.

Hi guys. Discovered that port 22 is not open. Will folow up tomorrow. Cheers


Hi Lester,

Excellent, by the way, here’s another forum post regarding setting that up: