Inky Frame 7.3" (Pico W Aboard) - Inky Frame + Accessory Kit (PIM671)

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An extra-large Pico W powered E Ink® photo frame / home dashboard / life organiser with glorious seven colour display and wireless connectivity…

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Hi there,
Any idea if this will come back in stock soon?
Also, I note the 40 second refresh time. Is that always the case, or would it be less if the display was only using black and white?

Hey Ciaran,

It looks like they are continuing production of that E-ink display, they have just had trouble keeping up with the sales for them unfortunately.

As for the refresh rate, I don’t think there would be any change in time with black and white, the refresh rate would be based on any change of colour throughout the display.


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Thanks for that Blayden. I’ll keep an eye out for the re-stock :+1:t2: