Inline switch for device

I need help finding the right product for a small device that doesn’t have an on/off switch. Picture

shows the plug that goes into the device.

I bought “IN-LINE POWER SWITCH FOR 2.1MM BARREL JACK” but it was the wrong size and shape.

From looking at the picture, does anyone know what I need? Disclaimer, I am not technical at all.


Hi Samantha,

Unfortunately we don’t have an exact match for what you’re looking for

What you’ve got there is a Tip-Sleeve connector that’s either a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack. If you wanted to put a switch in line with something like this, I’d recommend cutting, stripping, and heat-shrinking a 3.5mm extension cable.

It’d also be nice to know how much current (mA or A) your device uses, as audio cable isn’t designed for much current (around 20-50ma)


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Hi Samantha
As James said this is a “Tip and Sleeve” 2.5mm or 3.5mm mono connector. This type is normally used for audio and you would be very unlikely to find a ready made cable with a switch built in. In fact you will probably have to search to find this connector as mostly these days this type of thing is “Tip, Ring and sleeve” stereo plug. Some have 2 rings. Just looked at Jaycar and they only list 1 cable with this connector, 3.5mm.


is a power connector and like you discovered is nothing like your connector.

Your connector is normally for audio (mono) or other unbalanced signal use and unless your “device” is home made I don’t believe it would be used for power. As there is very little use for a switch in an audio line you may find it difficult to find a ready made cable with switch or in line switch with these connectors. If a switch is required you may have to cut the cable and insert one or make a little box with switch and fit connectors or insert into your cable,
Cheers Bob


Thanks. I can’t do what you suggest, it’s not my thing, I just wanted to buy something! Cheers

Hi Samantha
Pity but a bit difficult to find a solution remotely. I would suggest you take your device along to a Jaycar or Altronics store and have a chat to the staff there. They may know of something as they deal with these bits all the time and usually are pretty helpful. That is assuming you have one of these stores available.
Cheers Bob

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