2.5mm e contact socket and jack

Hello I need a 2.5mm socket and jack I need the socket to be panel mount with at least 6mm grip range(case im using is approx 3.5mm acrylic) its for a onewire dallas probe to pass through the wall of an enclosure so needs to have 3 contacts… All the ones i see are for thin metal enclosures…any ideas?

Not sure if I understand issue, but perhaps Counter-sinking will help ? Though might need a different drill bit…flat.

Bit of a pain…but options I think are few.

Perhaps use a different type of plug? e.g. a USB plug perhaps? (plenty of wires there).

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Thickness of the case is the issue. Most jacks are made for thin metal not thick plastic. Countersinking would work but was hoping for something more simple and less prone to me stuffing it up lol, acrylic is not the simpilist stuff to work with… Will look and see what other jacks are available cheers

6mm is a fair ways to go - certainly doable although we generally keep more common panel fittings. Perhaps checkout Altronics - they are based in Perth and have some awesome (and a little hexxy) connector options.