Breadboard-Friendly 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack (ADA1699)

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Pipe audio in or out of your project with this very handy breadboard-friendly audio jack. It’s a stereo jack with disconnect-switches on Left and Right channels … read more

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Bit of a newbie question - My situation is I have an audio amp running to left/right speakers. All good there, but I would like to insert a head-phone in the jack that takes precedence. ie If headphones are plugged in the speakers will automatically mute, similar to what happens with a phone or laptop. Is there a switch that will handle this automatically (mechanically when the headphones are inserted), or is it going to be more complicated to wire up? Thanks

Hi Daniel,

Definitely possible, you’ve got two options, either a 4-pole 3,5mm jack or a switch 3-pole 3.5mm jack.

The idea is that there is a connector on the headphone jack which shorts accross to ground when nothing is plugged in, and when a connector is inserted, it breaks that connection, and you can sense it via a microcontroller. The same idea holds for a 4-pole jack but the extra contact will short to ground when the connector is plugged in.

Thanks Sam - Do you sell a cabinet-mountable 4-pole jack? I had a quick look around the site and couldn’t see one.

Unfortunately, we don’t have panel mounted versions of the 4-pole jacks.