IoT related projects

Can anyone suggest me some novel project idea related to IoT for masters of electronics engineering?

Hi Ramesh,

Are you looking to focus on the hardware, software, or signal processing/control side of things? For hardware you could look at using alternative charging (eg. parasitic) and electrical efficiency for devices that are difficult to power and recharge in traditional ways.

Hi clinton,

I am looking to focus on the hardware this time. Something that is directly related to IOT. For example: IOT based voice controlled home automation. But someting novel. Thank you for your help.

My general advice on academic projects would be:

  • Have a look at what the academics at your university are doing in this field and go talk to them.
  • Pick something you are passionate about because you are going to hit the wall at some point and that passion will help you get through.
  • Write some of your thesis every day, Writing the whole thing with a week left until the deadline is painful.
  • Meet with your supervisor at least once a week.
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Hi Ramesh,
Which Uni? I’m an academic at UNSW. I’ve a few IoT projects I need help with that I’d like to use LoRa or Sigfox.
1- sound heat map of specific locations. Eg park, plaza, public spaces in buildings.

2- low cost micro climate weather stations. Again located as above.

The scope of the project includes; spec IoT device and programming ( currently exploring multiple Pycom Lopy4 end points ), cloud service data respotitry and dashboard .