Issue downloading LattePanda Firmata

I was wondering if someone could please shed some light on where i am going wrong with setting up and downloading LattePanda Firmata
I have logged into GITHUB to download the ZIP file but they all say demo.
So i have also downloaded Visual Studio Community and have setup everything to the point of the GITHUB download which as i stated says it is a demo file.
Is this demo file what i need to download.
Sorry for all the dumb questions but very very new to all of this stuff.
Once again any pointers greatly appreciated.

G’day Dave, I’d love to learn LattePanda too but haven’t started yet. So I’m trying to catch up with you and see where you’re stuck.
I found my way through the documentation to the LattePandaFirmataDemo.

I think I see what you mean. Why “demo”?

I downloaded and then did an Extract All in the Download folder. Ok, so when I go into the folder Downloads\LattePanda-Development-Support-master\LattePanda-Development-Support-master\LattePandaFirmata\LattePandaFirmataDemo I find a Visual Studio Solution file: LattePandaFirmataDemo.sln. I think you should be able to double-click this to open a Visual Studio project that will demonstrate how to use LattePandaFirmata

I expect when you want to create your own project you’ll need to mimic the setup of the demo project to make everything run.

Please let me know how you go. I have a LattePanda but am in the midst of other work.

  • Chris.

Hi Chris,
once again, thanks for stepping in with replies to my questions.
I really appreciate it.
I will have a look at it over the weekend and get back to you here with what i find.
My cat knocked my Panda off a bench in my unit and it smashed the touch screen.
Luckily that acted as a screen protector and only the touch screen is throw away.
Just ordered a new one.
Once i receive that i will look at installing the version 1.1 drivers again.
I did notice that just loading the driver , lost all functionality of the touch screen until i rebooted the PANDA.
However the touch screen was still not accurate and it behaved exactly the same.

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